Thursday, July 31, 2014

A Friend of the Family True Story Movie

The movie A Friend of the Family is based on the case of serial murderer David Snow. It is based on a book by Alison Shaw.

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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Lee Fox's Encounter with Serial Killer David Snow

 Received this today from Mr. Fox. It's a very interesting interaction that he had with David Snow. He has given me permission to share it with you.

"I crossed paths with David Alexander Snow in my early life in the late 80's. I met him at McKenna's Furniture in Orangeville during many Friday night auctions. David said he had an older brother named Victor just like me with the same name. We were always bidding against each other for old tools. He really creeped out my wife Helena (now ex wife :) with his leering looks and really bad breath. He always looked like he just climbed out from dirty hole somewhere. .dirty...dirty. Personal hygiene was NOT high on his list in life. On a few occasions David and I would have some heated words over some things we were bidding on...having to stand next to this guy during bidding was not a pleasant experience. I'll never forget how upset he got when I outbid him on an old woodworking bench. He came back the next Friday with an offer. I would give him the bench in lieu of another woodworking bench he had with a bunch of old tools I wanted on previous bid I had lost to him. We sparred all the time over old tools!!! When David showed up with a replacement bench I was quite dismayed because it had a rotten leg ….like his teeth! and both vices were broken! I told David I wanted to use this bench in my Georgetown shop.
Then he pointed at several buckets of tools I wanted to sweeten the deal. I noticed in one of the buckets a bunch of weird knives? I told David I did NOT want these knives they give me the creeps!

This was so David to collect this kind of stuff. I begrudging accepted the crap he brought me in hopes I would make out better in the future on bidding wars against him…..I had no idea later on in life who would become a serial killer! I can recall when I called the police later on during the investigation into his cases how they gave me the brush off on the phone even when I said I have seven knives from David Snow and an old wood working bench he off loaded to me. They never followed up to even view these items. I still have the weird knives including the wood working bench I finally restored this year to a functional working wood workers bench. ..folks say it’s beautiful!
I just say it’s “Killer Beautiful” !!! ……..Mr. Fox"

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Photo of David Snow

Here is a photo of the real David Snow whose story was depicted in the movie A Friend of the Family.